Saturday, June 19, 2010

The 28-Day Mind & Body Challenge Day 2 - Weekend Survival

Like my zen image from the beach today? Fabulous, eh? So here we are, day 2, which just happens to be a Saturday. Usually that means drinks and apps, drinks and dinner out, usually eating something not-so-healthy. This detox thing is a lot harder on the weekends, that's for sure.

However, I started my day with a green tea (with a touch of agave nectar) and set out on the plan's fitness test. Here's the deal - step up and down on a step for 3 minutes, sit down, take your pulse. The result for me? Average. The same goes for arm strength (modified push ups) and flexibility. The core strength test? Failed that miserably. Ah well, this is about improving all of that right? I then moved on to a sequence of so-called detox yoga poses which actually felt great. It was my first "downward dog" in quite a while and I certainly missed it.

I started my food for the day with an apple spread with almond butter, and a handful of cherries. Very yummy, satisfying. I snacked on almonds and fruit throughout the day until I reached dinner. We went to a sushi spot we love, and I was faced with a lot I couldn't eat. I settled on a salad (rice vinegar as dressing) and avocado-cucumber rolls made with brown rice. All very yummy, very filling and all detox-approved. Dessert was more cherries and some coconut water (which is kind of strange).

It was a lot harder today, a lot of temptations. I feel a pretty good about the way I persevered through all of them.

One more day of pre-detox then the real stuff. I'm going to kill for pizza by Wednesday I think. Pin It

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