Friday, June 18, 2010

Day 1 Challenge Update - the Shopping Trip

I should take a picture of my overflowing Whole Foods bags, or the receipt that would make you fall over. So I'd like to update my progress here on day 1, mostly for me, but if you're following this little insane journey you might like it too.

So I hit the largest Whole Foods on the East Coast (Dedham, MA for those wondering) to stock up on detox-approved foods. The hardest thing I found (other than the price tags) was finding acceptable things that were both gluten/wheat-free and soy-free. I think I succeeded with a lot of the ingredients for my smoothies and lunches... but I had to pick up something quick for lunch and dinner today (pre-detox ok, so nothing off the exclude list). I picked up an "ancient grain medley" salad and a buckwheat noodle salad. I think the ancient grain medley may have some tofu in it somewhere. So here's the message - cooking for scratch, not so bad to get the stuff for - anything easy and prepared, it's not easy.

Oh, the other message here - it's expensive. I'll go full-disclosure here. It was about $130 for all the stuff I picked up. If you have things like agave syrup and stevia and certain spices around (cardamon is expensive) then you might fare better than I did. I hope some of the more expensive stuff becomes staples in my pantry. That's kind of the goal here. I'm not going to adopt this eating all the time, but I'm looking for honest and good substitutions for some of the not-so-healthy things in my life.

But I'm armed with my unsweetened, organic, iced green tea and vat of whole foods raw almonds (they really are worth every penny), sitting at my desk right now. I'm ready to take this b!tch on, hells yeah. Pin It

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