Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Detox Days 4&5 - The liquid days

Really appetizing huh? Truthfully, it's not that bad. That's Whole Living's energy smoothie, a mix of almond butter, peaches and other stuff. So, days 4&5 of this detox plan includes a liquid breakfast and dinner, with a solid lunch. I have to admit, I feel great. I'd kill for bread right now, but I have a lot of energy. Here's a recap:

Day 4 :
Energy Smoothie for breakfast and lunch (12 hours apart or at least near that) and for my solid lunch I had leftover oregano chicken chopped up with leftover sugar snap peas. I snacked on raw almonds, fruit and veggies throughout the day to keep me going. Instead of am coffee, it was green tea in the morning and midday. I did a 30-minute walk and yoga, felt awesome. All day, I had energy, felt clearer. Is it the exercise or the exclusion of certain food groups? No real cravings today.

Day 5:
Didn't sleep well last night, wonder if it's because I had my liquid dinner at 10pm? I'm supposed to keep 12 hours between lunch. I think I just couldn't turn my mind off. So today, Avocado-Pineapple Gazpacho for breakfast and lunch. It sounds bizarre but it's pretty yummy, although I found it doesn't keep well for dinner. Solid lunch was more leftover chicken, this time with grilled zucchini. Another 30-minute walk, and nighttime yoga this time. Cravings were a bit out of control today. I couldn't stop thinking about fresh salsa on chips with cheese. I still had the energy and clarity, however, today. I'm wondering if it's the exercise though. I think I'm going to cut out the walk today and just do yoga and see how I feel. Honestly, I'd be happier to find out it's the exercise giving me more energy rather than the exclusion of some food group. We shall see. Pin It

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