Friday, June 25, 2010

Detox Days 6&7 - The Home Stretch

Do I have a snappy photo to draw you in with? Sorry, not this time folks. My liquid adventure continues.

Day 6 - Mango Smoothie - This isn't bad, although the little bits of kale are kind of gross. I think more mango, omitting the kale, and you might be on to something. Almond milk is one of my discoveries throughout this journey, it's pretty good. Honestly, you can take that coconut water though, it's pretty bizarre. Day 6 also brought something that I very much enjoy, which is quinoa. This recipe is pretty good and I'll take with me from this whole experience. It's tasty, filling and high in protein and low in fat. Not bad for a humble seed.

I didn't exercise on Day 6 as an experiment. It was definitely one gone awry. I felt good, but was sluggish. I craved more than usual. It remains to be seen whether it's because I didn't sleep well, or I didn't exercise; either way, it wasn't good.

Day 7 - Back to the Energy Smoothie from the first liquid day. This might be another recipe I take forward with me. This time I added more peach, less almond butter, less ice and a couple of drops more of agave syrup. All of this equaled a pretty good concoction. I had my leftover quinoa, even better on the second go-around.

I walked today, and did my yoga. I felt super-energized today. I had a great night's sleep (finally) last night, and the exercise pushed me over the edge. It's pretty bizarre how at this point, I really have no cravings. You'd think after 7 days without some of my most favorite foods, I'd crave. At this moment, at the end of Day 7, I really have no cravings. I'm satisfied.

So tomorrow I start transitioning back to three solid meals. Although, I may keep the smoothie for breakfast and slowly re-introduce wheat, dairy, soy and naughty sugar. I feel so good, I think I'm going to be a little neurotic about what I add back into by diet.

My wrap-up and take-aways from this little experiment will come tomorrow. I'm also curious to see if I've shed any weight from this little plan. If I did, great. If not, no biggie. I feel 100-times better than when I started this whole ordeal. Pin It

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