Sunday, June 27, 2010

Glorious Pizza and Farmers' Market Meal Planning

The most important thing first - pizza. The detox week has ended, I feel wonderful and all I've wanted is pizza. Thanks to, we had a $30 coupon (bought for $15) for Oregano's Pizzeria in Newburyport. Above is the Margherita Classico and a glass of yummy Monetepulciano wine. I went simple with the pizza, didn't want to kill the now detoxed stomach too much. My husband had the Quattro Carne, a feast of meat on pizza which looked fabulous. My taste buds are sharper now and they loved that pizza. Fabulous first real meal back among normal eating.

Newburyport Farmers' Market 6/27

Sadly - it's the end of strawberry season. I got my one last pint here from Applecrest Farms. So yummy, so tasty, will go great with the spinach and cucumbers I picked up from Farmer Dave's. Also from Farmer Dave's - blueberries... yum!! It's so refreshing to buy and eat mostly local. I was able to pick up fresh 5-grain bread from the Savory Kitchen for my sandwiches and toast this week. I stopped by Arrowhead Farm's stand to get broccoli and green onions for the week. Heron Pond Farms provided my sugar snap peas, which I'm currently obsessed with (see link to oregano chicken recipe for a great link to a snap peas with fresh mint recipe). Blue Egg Baking Co. provided awesome dessert with my favorite Lemon Ginger Biscotti, and a Hostess-like chocolate cupcake. It's was so fabulous to chat away with all the great vendors.

A quick shout out to Fowles Market on High Street in Newburyport where I picked up my fresh turkey deli meat on the way home - they're amazing as a deli and butcher shop. Their sausages are the best.

So what am I going to make with all of it? I'm not totally sure yet. I know Penne with Sausage and Broccoli Rabe is on my list. I'm dying to bake with the berries somehow. I've already made up an awesome salad with the spinach and cukes I bought, and TOMATOES from the tumbler plant I got from Heron Pond Farms in our backyard. Yay, summer!

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