Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Lighter and Local... but on the road

So yes, this blog is local to the seacoast of Massachusetts, but in our family, we're lucky to have people who love us all over North America. We're in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada right now with friends and family. It's a beautiful region, where mountains meet ocean. If you've never been, go. It's breathtaking.
Vancouver has a very large Asian population which is reflected in its food. My step-mother-in-law is from Hong Kong. Every single time we all meet up here in Vancouver, we go for dim sum. You really haven't lived and eaten food until you've gone for dim sum in a place where it's authentic and full of families filling the room with boisterous talk and filling their plates with fantastic food. It's a Cantonese tradition, full of small plates that pass by your table with servers calling out what everything is and what they have to offer. You point and it appears on your table (of course, a relative who speaks the language is always a huge help!). Shrimp dumplings, fried cakes with shrimp and chives, spring rolls, sesame rolls with bean paste inside... the list goes on and on.
The room is loud, but happy. If you leave there without being completely stuffed you haven't done your job.
So lighter and local will return to the seacoast of Massachusetts in just a couple of days. However, we're in the business of talking about great food wherever we roam. Pin It

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