Saturday, October 9, 2010

Meet the "Economical Eater" : a fresh, local, fancy dinner party for $15

Meet Michelle Collins, she's the Economical Eater. She's lucky enough to be traversing her way across Italy right now, so she asked for other food bloggers in New England to fill in while she's having so much fun in Europe. Her blog focuses on great deals, both cooking at home, and at dining and food establishments across New England. Check her out!

Now that yummy looking dish above? That's Pear Calfouti, and if you travel over to Michelle's blog you can find out how to make it as part of my fresh, local, fancy dinner party. It consists of Pear and Carrot Shaved Salad with Maple Vinaigrette, Pumpkin Risotto and the Pear Calfouti. Like the idea of such a thing? Let me know over here so I can whip up another for Lighter and Local. I have a few ideas swirling around my brain right now for more cheap, yet elegant local meals.

Lighter and Local will be back more often with a vengeance this week. I've been quite ill and busier at the day job than I have been in a while, but I plan on being quite busy in the kitchen this week. Up first, a massive trip to the Newburyport Farmers' Market to get everything I need for Canadian Thanksgiving on Monday (the husband is Canadian, and why not have Thanksgiving twice, right?).  Enjoy your weekend! Pin It

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The Small Boston Kitchen said...

Good for you! This is great. I love the idea of a fancy dinner on any budget. Thanks for proving it can be done! Hope you had a good weekend!