Sunday, November 21, 2010

Winter CSA Cooking - Catching up

That's my stalk of brussel sprouts from the farm share this week. I love the look of the little sprouts on the stalk. Can food be cute? I think so.

It's been quite a week in our household. It started with a whirlwind trip to Chicago to say goodbye to my dearest uncle and celebrate his life. There's something about seeing the entire family, even under the worst of circumstances, that leaves a lot of light in your heart. Even though we live over thousand miles apart, we can still come together and laugh when our souls really need it. 

Life has kept me from keeping a consistent blogging schedule. I am, however, determined to give it a go. I miss the rundowns of my grocery list on Sundays I used to put out there from the local farmers' market. I think one of my ultimate goals in this blog is to help people eat seasonally, locally and to make both of those things easy. Meal planning plays a huge part in keeping it simple. I'd love to get back to that. 

So the current plan is to have Sunday's post reflect what's in my share and on my grocery list for the week and what I plan on doing with it. It's also time to catch up to see where last week's purchases went. I'll look at cost where I can, however, since most of our produce is coming from the share, and that share was a birthday gift from my mother (who I share with) - it won't be a complete look at cost. I'll try my best to consider it in the planning process. 

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, when my life allows, will be recipe or review posts. I, like so many other bloggers, have a full-time job, family, and volunteer position which always keeps me hopping. This blog is my therapy. Writing about something I love (food), seriously gets me through the week. I hope you continue to enjoy my offerings and it helps you eat locally, seasonally, and well. 

Winter CSA Share, Heron Pond Farm, Week of 11/21

This is the pre-Thanksgiving share so it's larger than usual to help all of us enjoy a more regional Thanksgiving feast. I work Thanksgiving and we've already celebrated Canadian Thanksgiving so you're not going to see much holiday fare in the planning for this week! 

1 lb broccoli
1 lb cauliflower
2 brussel sprout stalks
2 lbs carrots
4 lbs potatoes
4 onions
1 garlic
6 apples
2 pie pumpkins
2 winter squash
1 bunch Hakurei Turnips
1 bunch swiss chard or kale
1 bok choi or Napa Cabbage

Now that's the full share - my mom and I split it between us. I took more this week because I know I'm more likely to cook through it all than my mother is. Especially since we have some left from last week's share since we were out of town. One of the best things about local produce is that it stays fresher, longer since it's not sitting on a truck for days on end getting to your grocery store. 

My Plan - 
Kale, white bean and sausage soup (or pasta) - I still have kale leftover from last week
Brussel sprouts with bacon and onions
German Apple Pie (I have a backlog of apples, the rest will be snacks)
Swiss Chard will end up in a side dish
I have a butternut squash from last week, and an acorn squash from this week, thinking squash soup.
Pie Pumpkins will be roasted and put in freezer for future pumpkin recipes
Bok choi and cabbage will be sauteed as sides at some point. 

We have steak tips from Tendercrop Farm in the freezer to eat with all of this ($6.49 for a package). I also made Cottage Pie (recipe coming soon) last night which used up a lot of last week's potatoes, carrots, and onions. It was made with the grass-fed beef from Tendercrop ($5.29 a pound), with a side of Turnip Gratin. We're eating a lot less meat as a whole these days with the farm share. It's a good thing, it keeps us healthier.

The week that was...

Not much to recap this week because of our travels. You have to check out the Maple Butternut Squash Penne with Mustard Greens however, because frankly, it was awesome.

So do you meal plan or at least sketch out your cooking week?
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