Sunday, April 3, 2011

Boston Brunchers: Biltmore Bar and Grille

Brunch, in my book, should begin with a good brunch cocktail. The Biltmore Bar and Grille in Newton did not disappoint with samplings of beautiful mimosas and bloody marys. The Biltmore is the kind of spot you want in your neighborhood. It's homey, down to the mismatched coffee cups and the kind of bar you'd like to belly up to a few times a week. Don't let the comfort level fool you, however, the food is serious.

This neighborhood gem of a restaurant was the location for this month's Boston Brunchers event with a twist. Boston Brunchers is a group of Boston-area food bloggers who basically get together to find great brunch spots and chat about all things food, and not. This month was special. Each blogger chosen got to pick or giveaway another spot to a blogger who had not yet been to such an event. In my case, Amanda from The Wineing Woman was my guest. It was a great chance to chat and meet with bloggers, old and new, for what turned out to be an amazing meal. We were treated to a five-course *tasting* menu that had us all rolling out of there, full and content.

After a round of cocktail samples and coffee, we were on to the food. The epic meal began with a lobster frittata. Boston Brunchers' organizer, Renee, kept noticing how the entire table of happily chatting and twittering bloggers went silent with the presentation of each course.

Don't let this harmless looking poached egg fool you, it was my favorite of the entire tasting menu. The egg, perfectly poached, sat on top of a buttery, flaky, chive biscuit. When you broke into this egg, the yolk was perfectly running, soaking into the biscuit, creating an amazing combination.

The hits didn't stop there, however. We all sat there commenting about how we just wanted to leave room for all the courses, but plates were definitely cleaned. The third course, Biltmore's take on "pigs in a blanket". A perfect maple sausage wrapped in a crepe-like pancake served with their own apple-maple syrup. I heard a few, "I haven't eaten sausage in years, but this is amazing", around the table.

As if all of this so far wasn't enough, course number four was chicken and waffles. Biltmore's general manager served it up, saying this was actually a small portion of this dish. The one on he menu comes with three pieces of chicken. I couldn't even get through one, I can't imagine working my way through three pieces. The chicken was flavorful and crisp. The waffle is the star of this dish, however. It's grilled, crispy with an amazingly rich taste.

The entire meal was rounded out with a granola and berry parfait topped with whipped cream. I didn't think I had any room left at this point, but the subtle sweetness of this final dish won me over and I ended up plowing my way through half of this.

The Biltmore is definitely on my list for a return trip. I haven't seen a restaurant embrace brunch like this in quite a long time. It's serious food, and you're not going to leave hungry. I left full, but mostly happy to have been able to share such great food with table mates like Carolyn, Michelle, Athena, and Katy. It was a blast chatting about running with Marie and Corey. I didn't get enough to time to chat with Justin, Megan and Krista, but there's always next time, right? We just have to brunch more!

A big thank you to everyone at Biltmore Bar & Grille who hosted us for this brunch, free of charge. We were not required to review this meal, but I was happy to, considering I left so very happy!

Biltmore Bar & Grille
1205 Chestnut Street 
Newton Upper Falls, MA 02464
Phone: 617.527.2550
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Marie @ Chocolate and Wine said...

Beautiful pictures!!! It was so great to meet you and talk to you yesterday! Good luck with your running (I start Week 5 today.. gah!) Hopefully we will be at more brunches together soon!!

xo - Marie
Chocolate & Wine

Renee {Eat.Live.Blog} said...

I love that we get to see so much of each other lately! It is always a pleasure, and make sure you let me know the next time you stop in at the Biltmore, I would be happy to meet you there!

The Gringo Chapin said...

I wish I could have made it! Sounds like a great time and your gorgeous photos made me hungry!

Daisy said...

The certainly know their brunch! Everything looks just wonderful.

::stephchows:: said...

oh yummm everything at this place looks so good!!!

Kimmy @ Lighter and Local said...

Let me know how you do with Week 5! I do the 20 minute run in the AM... hopefully I get through it! ;-)

Kimmy @ Lighter and Local said...

My husband was DROOLING over the photos and the description, so I think we'll end up there soon and you guys will definitely have to join us!

Jason Phelps said...

Looks pretty awesome!


Brian @ A Thought For Food said...

I so wish I could have been there! Looks fantastic!

cookingwhims said...

mmmm--beautiful pictures and great recap! What a great brunch that was--too bad we were sitting on opposite ends of the table!

Kimmy @ Lighter and Local said...

I know! I hope to be able to chat with you more soon!

Bettedaffin784213 said...

These foods are so mouthwatering.  Chicken and waffles is my favorite among them. I'll visit Billmore bar and grille soon.

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Eddie said...

That granola and berry parfait topped with whipped cream looks so Good. I bet it would be perfect if you washed it down with some great wine.

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