Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Boston Brunchers August: Odyssey Brunch Cruise

Boston Harbor

This is the one in which I have become a bad blogger. I was lucky enough to win a spot (and get to bring the husband) on a brunch cruise on the Odyssey through Boston Harbor this Sunday with the Boston Brunchers group. Lucky enough to win, really horrible on taking you through this experience, photograph-wise.

First fail, not taking a photo of the ship. Major fail here. The Odyssey is impressive, in that large, sleek, yacht-like way. You can check out a ton of photos on their website. She's a beautiful ship, she's also well climate-controlled. We were brought down to the lowest deck, which still has stunning views, for our brunch buffet. The A/C was pumping, which is always good to know depending on who you're bringing along.

The Odyssey is a beautiful experience. The views of Boston Harbor are ones I've never gotten to experience before, even living here nearly all of my life. While our seating was on the lower deck, the upper decks were open to us to enjoy the sun and some cocktails. It truly was a beautiful day out on the water and the Odyssey folks really give you a lovely little tour of the area.

Beginning with some bubbly

The experience on board the Odyssey gets an A+, the food, while good, could use a little bit of work. We started off with a nice, complimentary, glass of bubbly. Always a nice way to start. The brunch cruise is buffet-style, breakfast on one side, lunch on the other.

The husband's plate, full of bacon, of course.

The selection is fantastic, truly something for everyone. The breakfast side was your standard fare, eggs, bacon, sausages, french toast, waffles, various pastries and breads. It was good, but nothing really blew me away.

Here's blogger fail #2, I didn't get a photograph of either of our second plates, full of the lunch fare. I have to say that the Odyssey's lunch entrees, far outshone the breakfast offerings. Lovely seasonal vegetables, a maple-chipolte chicken, a creamy pasta, but it was the roasted sirloin that shone.  Hand-carved, served with horseradish sauce or au jus, the sirloin really was the highlight.

Red Velvet Cake and Rice Krispies Treats for dessert

The dessert buffet was fun. Various cakes and treats lining one table on one end, with a chocolate fountain with various dipping options on the other. Dessert was solid and it was fun. However, it was after the meal that the fun aboard the Odyssey really begins.

This is a sight-seeing tour around Boston Harbor. It's a beautiful way to spend a summer morning. The food is decent, but it's the sights that are really the highlights here. The husband and I made our way to the top decks where you could sit, mingle, even order a cocktail (cash bar) from the little bar up above. If you have guests in town, this is a beautiful way to check out the waters off Boston. Heck, I've lived here all my life and have never done a Boston Harbor tour like this.

It's truly a worthwhile endeavor if you've never done something like this. The views are absolutely stunning. The Odyssey also does sunset and dinner cruises and I would love to see the city all lit up from the water. I just might have to put that on our list for next time.

*Disclaimer: Brunch aboard the Odyssey was provided to me free of charge as I won a spot (and my husband's) with Boston Brunchers. I was not required to write about the experience. All opinions are my own.
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Daisy said...

sometimes its nice to relish the experience without having to take too many photos. you are so not a bad blogger :)

DeliciousDish said...

I agree that the views and experience are nice, but the food could use a little work. Not taking pictures just means you were enjoying yourself!

Megan said...

I agree about the food. I wasn't too impressed with it either--but overall a relaxing afternoon. Nice to sit with you, and please--not taking pictures is perfectly acceptable sometimes--I didn't take a whole lot either!

Jo Summers said...

The food they are serving there in Odyssey Brunch Cruise looks delicious. I want to have a taste of that Red Velvet Cake and Rice Krispies! I love trying different kinds of cakes. Try going on some alaskan cruises and see what kind of dishes they serve.