About Me

I'm Kim, and I love food. Isn't this where most food bloggers get their start? Lighter and Local began as a simple way to share my recipes among family, friends and co-workers. It took a turn when I began a week-long detox to give myself a boost of energy. I started to realize my passion in cooking is supporting the community in which I live.

Lighter and Local comes to you from Newburyport, Massachusetts. It's a beautiful, little seaside, typical New England city filled with brick-lined streets and homes dating back to the 1600's (some even further back). It's a vibrant community filled with those who love their heritage, their arts, and their food. It's also a fabulous place to commit yourself to living as much of a local life as possible. The area is filled with farms, wonderful artisans and products.

I strive in this blog to educate people about the benefits of buying local without overwhelming them. Yes, I truly believe local is best, but I moreso believe that "local is happy". I believe it's environmentally-friendly, sustainable and all the jazz that goes along with the localvore message. However, I think the movement can get bogged down in large themes and terms (if you're interested in my thoughts, see this post). Buying local means fresher, better, tastier food. It means supporting your neighbor and the community in which you live. I believe in baby steps to a lifestyle change, so you actually change your life. All the recipes in this blog come from mostly local ingredients and inspiration; however, they also use every day things you buy at your normal, neighborhood grocery store as well.

So every week I forage through the local famers' markets, farms, shops and research things like CSA's (community supported agriculture) to find the best of what's local and what's in season. I find this is amazing inspiration in your kitchen and can lead you on a journey in your kitchen you've never imagined.

That's Lighter and Local - I'm a 30-year-old television news producer who needs to write about something other than the news to keep me sane. I'm married to a wonderful Canadian man named Dave (seen at left with me at our favorite restaurant in Montreal, L'Express) that you'll often hear referred to as "the husband". "The husband" loves bacon and is the chief taste-tester in my kitchen.

I also have two adorable pugs named Gordie and Gabbie. They like to clean up what their mom has dropped on the floor in the whirlwind of my cooking. They're treated like pug kings and queens around here. They inspired my work with Curly Tail Pug Rescue as well.

I hope you enjoy Lighter and Local! I always like to hear from readers, so please comment away or shoot me an email at kimmy@lighterandlocal.com.

The Business Stuff

I'm a recipe developer, freelance writer, and happy product tester. Feel free to contact me if you want me on board, to hire me in your culinary endeavor, or to giveaway or test one of your products. You can always reach me at kimmy@lighterandlocal.com

All recipes and photographs are the property of Lighter and Local, unless otherwise cited to another source. If you'd like to use one of my photographs, please email me for permission. Pin It